Create a kitchen to suit your tastes with these tips and tricks

7 August 2019 - 5 min read

Creating a kitchen layout that will enhance your enjoyment of the space is all about defining how you use it, according to our Senior Interior Designers.

The kitchen is one of the most well-loved and well-used rooms in every Australian home. This is why it’s important to have a kitchen layout that’s both easy to navigate and easy on the eyes!

As you might have guessed, however, there’s no one golden interior design that suits everyone. What makes a kitchen design functional and appealing for you might be confusing and cluttered for the next person, so it’s best to design your kitchen knowing what specific elements will work for you and your family.

Our designers have shared some kitchen ideas and insights to help you decide on the ideal shape and layout for your kitchen.

The open plan kitchen has really become the heart of the modern home. This spacious area, which combines the kitchen, dining room and family room, now exists in most contemporary Australian homes. Open plan layouts are particularly ideal for couples and families, as this space allows for enjoyable conversation, entertaining and functionality.

The only disadvantage of an open plan kitchen and living area is that it’s always on show, which means that cooking smells and noise from the kitchen can impact the living space. If you’re not the clean-as-you-go type of chef, an additional preparation and cleaning space, such as a butler’s pantry, can be a good idea for your home.

L-shape kitchens can effectively enhance compact areas and provide a lot of bench space, kitchen cabinets and useable storage areas, as you have two wall runs. However, keep in mind that an L-shape kitchen without an island bench means that you will have your back to the rest of the family and dining space, which doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Kitchen in the Lancaster 24

A galley style kitchen is the most common kitchen layout. This is a very practical style, as it allows people in the kitchen to remain involved in what is happening in the family and living areas, which also makes entertaining easier.

Hoffman Kitchen Hampton’s

An island bench kitchen can be a very useful modern kitchen layout, perfect for entertaining guests, holding family breakfasts, and even supervising your children’s homework.

Have you seen our range of kitchens on display in Melbourne and South East Queensland? Which kitchen shape appeals to you and why?