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Comparing cooling – air con versus evaporative

February 14, 2011 6min read

It seems unnatural to have a window or door open when you have your cooling system turned on because we’re so programmed to think close up the house and keep the cold air in, but in fact, it’s actually more natural and effective to cool with the windows open if you’re using evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is completely unlike refrigerated air-conditioning in the sense that refrigerated air-conditioning uses recycled air while evaporative cooling draws in fresh air and cools it through a cooling pad.

But how does the air get cold?

  • An evaporative system uses a fan to draw fresh air into the system
  • A pump then circulates water from a reservoir to cooling pads ducted throughout your home
  • The cooling pads are kept at saturation point
  • Then the fan forces air through the wet cooling pad and the air is effectively cooled by evaporation
  • By having windows and doors open, you are introducing fresh air into the home, which is cooled while pushing stale air out.

How to make the most of evaporative cooling

  • The system needs to create airflow through the home to achieve the best results, which is why it’s best to have doors and windows open, where possible
  • Make sure you keep doors and windows open furthest away from the system vent and close windows or doors closer to the vent
  • Close windows and doors most affected if a hot wind kicks up
  • Your system will operate quietly all year round to filter the air and keep you cool, without the expense or noise of a typical air conditioner!

By using an evaporative system, you will not only be breathing fresher air, which is great for kids, the elderly and those who suffer from asthma, you’ll also save up to 80% in energy consumption when compared to using a refrigerated air conditioner!

And you know what fresh air means – no more dried out sinuses or dehydrated skin like many people suffer when using refrigerated air conditioners!

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