Classic Hamptons vs Classic Paris

15 April 2016 - 10 min read

The Classic style never goes out of fashion, but it’s an exceptionally popular look right now. Two of our best-loved styles from our Classic range, Classic Hamptons and Classic Paris, are perfect options for those who love simplicity and elegance in the home. In this post, we examine both the shared and unique aspects of each to help you decide the best Classic style for you.

Classic Hamptons features timeless furniture and décor pieces, while Classic Paris pushes the boundaries a little more with modern pieces that capture what’s in vogue right now. This allows the homeowner to flaunt their trendy, stylish side.

The base palette is similar between the two, with shared design aspects such as profiled doors and architectural detail. Both Classic Hamptons and Classic Paris also feature timber flooring as an important main detail. The real difference is in the furniture, which is exciting as it allows people to transition between the styles without any major structural changes needed to the home.

Classic Hamptons

This coastal stunning location and style is loved by many. Classic Hamptons is all about detail and layering with every piece telling a story. While this style is soft and relaxed, it’s also very elegant.

Structural design elements include coffered ceilings, dado panelling, high detailed skirting and high panelled doors. Details are second to none with the Classic Hamptons style, which features ornate internal door hardware and decorative, hand-picked cabinetry handles.

Flooring in the Classic Hamptons home is a focal point – a large wide board with warmth and a satin finish that creates an aged yet elegant feel is a must. The carpet is usually a sisal, but a luxury wool-based version will work too. As long as it delivers that wonderful soft texture when you kick off your shoes to relax in your home.

Furniture is generally neutral in colour, but beautifully layered in colour and pattern on cushions, throws, and the occasional feature chair. Décor is key – there’s lots of it! Classic Hamptons features layered books, vases and bookcases, showcasing pieces that have been curated and positioned to tell a story.

What is the best way to achieve this style?

  • If you have overheads go with glass fronts so you display some of your favourite items.
  • Finish off with a fresh coastal white like Wattyl Chalkdust on the walls and woodwork, which will give you the perfect backdrop to your furniture and soft furnishings.
  • With window treatments, introduce soft romans, shutters and curtains in more formal styled spaces.

What are the do’s and don’ts for this style?

  • Don’t become too eclectic with this style, it may have a strong coastal feel but there is also some refinement to the style so don’t introduce too many different types of timber.
  • Don’t allow your base fabrics to have too much yellow in them otherwise layering and adding colour can become difficult
  • Do introduce a coastal influence through décor and artwork
  • Do introduce wall panelling as a great feature

Classic Paris

The Classic Paris style is a beautiful blend of classic architectural detail, including highly detailed skirting, cornices, panelled doors, and ceiling roses. This style is based on the type of small terrace apartment that would be found in the back streets of Paris.

Floor boards in the Classic Paris home need to be aged or have that weathered look, giving the impression that many luxury parties have occurred on the floors.

Furniture is a significant facet of this style. Classic Paris offers a beautiful blend of classic pieces that are mixed and layered with designer elements. Feature pieces might include a streamlined architectural dining table with designer-influenced chairs, or a large classic chandelier hanging over the table. Meanwhile, the family room might contain a classic linen-style sofa with piping matched to designer Barcelona chairs, which would act as accent pieces.

When it comes to fabrics, Classic Paris is the perfect mix of classic tones but with a cool punch of colour, texture or pattern, or even a little animal hide – faux, of course!

What is the best way to achieve this style?

  • Go with a stone grey on the walls as your paint colour. This with allow you to layer different depths of colour throughout the home.
  • Ensure there is a softness to the look of your window treatments.  Add a mix of sheers, romans and shutters.
  • Add a bit of bling – the cabinet handles need to be sophisticated, but in a nickel finish. Add a mirror kickboard for a stylish extra layer to your kitchen.

What are the do’s and don’ts for this style?

  • Do ensure that the theme doesn’t become too feminine. There should be some key features in each space but definitely add some stronger structured pieces.
  • Do ensure your artwork is a strong mix of photography , classic influenced pieces and some strong contemporary pieces.
  • Don’t leave out the architectural detail. High skirting and architraves and feature cornice are integral to the look.
  • Do add colour but do it in stunning wallpapers and feature cushions – the cushions should have a have a painted look and feel.

You can find out more about these two stunning Classic styles on the Classic Hamptons and Classic Paris overview pages, as well as where you can see these interior styles on display.

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