Bricks – what’s ours, yours and the tradies

15 December 2010 - 4 min read
Arizona shown on Marriott Grange 49

If you’re keen on building a brick cubby house for your kids with the left over bricks from your new home site, that’s great but there are a few guidelines for collecting bricks during onsite construction.

Don’t get too excited about leftovers when all the packs of bricks arrive, if we have more than three unopened packs left over, they are simply returned to the brick company.

If there are any open packs left over, you are more than welcome to ask for them or we will remove them from your site.

Now, let’s talk about the definition of leftovers – these are bricks left over at the end of construction – not the end of the day!

Even though it might seem like the pile of bricks by your house is a random mess at the end of the day, your tradies actually do know how many bricks have been ordered and used. The piles of bricks might be unseemly, but rest assured that this is only a temporary situation. So claiming any ‘spare’ bricks as your own and removing them will only slow down the construction of your home.

If you’ve got all the cubby house and garden sheds you could need and have no desire for any left over bricks, yet you find some unceremoniously left on your site, simply ask your site supervisor to organise removal.