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Bold, modern, fresh. The Esperance is here.

May 6, 2020 4min read

Our latest ultra contemporary and unique facade.


We are proud to showcase our latest Porter Davis innovation– meet The Esperance. Unapologetically bold, this façade is pushing the boundaries of modern Australian home.

We continue to lead the way in design across Australia’s residential space, and the Esperance façade is just another way we continue this journey.

"The Esperance is the ultimate in street appeal. It’s a design that really gives a wow moment."


The Design.


The tall gable peck gives a single storey home extended height and a sense of grandeur that’s difficult to achieve.

Projected façade pillars across the whole façade allow natural light to filter through behind the pillars, making the façade feel light and airy.


“Whether you call it modern, bold or just über cool, The Esperance is turning heads. “

The Colours.


Using a light and natural colour scheme to style this façade allows The Esperance to speak for itself.

Mixing different materials such as cladding and render provide different textures and interest without compromising the design elements.


The Greenery.


Flowy greenery adds a natural and soft element to the façade hard finishes, this is able to compliments the surrounding garden to give an overall finished look.


"Creating something completely innovative and fresh can be difficult, but we believe in creating modern design outcomes for our clients."

Embracing change and having a key eye for modernization, ensures Porter Davis customers reap the rewards of their commitment to design excellence.


The Esperance façade is available on a number of single storey Lifestyle homes.

The images are from our display at Woodlea display on the Dunedin 29 home design.

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