Avoid a guarantee asterisk issue*

31 December 2010 - 4 min read
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You’ve bought a new home and one of the items listed in your “pro” column when choosing a builder is that they offer a guaranteed site start date and a completion timeframe. After all, this makes tying up rental contracts or selling your previous home, plus planning your move, a lot easier.

These guarantees are often a demonstration of competence and confidence from your builder. It shows they are committed to a process that works and they are more than happy to stand by their practices and deliver your home on time. So how then, is your site start date not confirmed or why can it be delayed?

Basically, the guaranteed site start date is the date the builder estimates they will start construction, based off average timeframes from the date you pay the deposit.

The key word in the above sentence is average. Sometimes there are unavoidable delays and as with most guarantees, the site start date does come with an asterisk and some fine print.

Keep in mind there are a variety of things that could delay your start date and your completion date. i.e. site conditions, material and labour availability, weather conditions, finance approval from your lender, access to your block of land and variations to your contract. This also includes hold ups with the site and soil tests performed by independent, external contractors (which we use for your peace of mind) and delays with the council, i.e. approval of building permits, which unfortunately are out of the builder’s control.

It’s always best to talk to your Customer Service Coordinator if you have any questions about your construction timeframe or if you want to confirm any details. You should also make yourself familiar with our Procedure of Purchase.