Advantages Of Downsizing To A Smaller Home

30 July 2019 - 4 min read

Once a family has matured and gained more independence, a lot of empty nesters start to consider if they really need a house with all the extra space. However, the advantages of downsizing don’t only apply to people whose kids have moved out – it’s a trade-off worth considering for anyone looking for more flexibility in their lifestyle. There a number of reasons why this is the case so we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of benefits for anyone weighing up the pros and cons of downsizing!


Of course, the main way downsizing your home can benefit you is by making money if you sell your current property for more than your next purchase however, it’s not the only financial benefit to moving to a smaller house. Selling can help you top up your savings by releasing any equity that’s tied up in your current property. A smaller home also means lower energy bills and reduced consumption, because little space means you’re less likely to want to fill it up with things!

Less maintenance

There is a school of thought that would lead you to believe bigger is better, but a smaller home means less time spent on general upkeep. Maintaining multiple unused bedrooms almost seems pointless and spaces like these throughout your home cost time and money in cleaning and maintenance. Plus, optimising ways to reduce time spent on housework will give you more opportunity to engage in the activities you enjoy!

Lifestyle change

We all know life is busy, but one of the big advantages of downsizing is the fact that less time spent on maintenance means more free time to do other things. For example, have you always wanted to travel but you’re worried about the security of your home? There are a million perks to a smaller, more compact residence such as a townhome, but the main one would be the benefits that come with close-proximity neighbours and a tight-knit neighbourhood.

Change of location

Of course there are many advantages to a bigger home, but quite often due to factors like price and land availability it’s only possible to build these further out of city hubs. If you’re looking for a change of pace and the convenience that comes with inner-city living, switching up to a smaller property might be the logical next step in your life. If you’re worried about adjusting to your new space, some expert advice in interior design can help make your smaller house feel like a home.

The advantages of downsizing to a smaller home are varied and it’s important to consider what kind of lifestyle you and your family want before making your decision.

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Images from our Dunedin 31 and our Vancouver 33 displays – single storey living at it’s best!